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Roxanne M.
Baltimore, MD
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Thanks, Shirley.  You Sure are the nicest vendor I have had the pleasure to work with.
Kathleen O.
Glastonbury, CT
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Thank you for all your assistance in getting my Walpole order placed and delivered.  To be totally honest, you were all so nice that it’s hard to believe in this day and age.  I know that sounds sad but you, Charlene and Jim are just the most helpful, kind, pleasant, cheerful and efficient people to deal with, it just seemed too good to be true!  You were a delight to speak to on the phone, Charlene was so knowledgeable and helpful when I was placing the order and Jim was so efficient, kind and personable when he delivered the items.  My order was placed perfectly, arrived in a shorter time frame than I was expecting and was assembled and delivered by a very pleasant and efficient gentleman!  You guys are awesome!!  My experience could not have been any more enjoyable, smooth and satisfying.  The Walpole products are just beautiful!!  We have purchased things from Walpole before and have always been completely satisfied and this time is no exception.  Everything looks lovely and we couldn’t be happier!  Please thank Charlene and Jim for their hard work and great service.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all.  Sincerely, Kathleen O. A Very Happy Walpole Customer.
Dan C.
Westport, CT
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I am extremely happy with my experience with Walpole from the first trip to the store to the end product. Mark, in the Westport location, was very knowledgeable about the products and was able to guide me in the right direction. Robin came out quickly, did a needs assessment in terms of what would fit and how it should look, and provided a proposal in a matter of a few hours.  Robin was great and very responsive to all of my questions. Danny and team did the install quickly and the finished product looks amazing. I enjoyed working with the full Walpole team and highly recommend this group.
John & Susan U.
McLean, VA
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Recently our driveway gate, which had been built and installed by Walpole Outdoors in 2006, was damaged and needed to be repaired. I spoke with Shirley at the Potomac store. She arranged for Geraldo and his crew, who had installed the gate in 2006, to come over quickly to survey the damage and arrange for an estimate. Unfortunately, the damage was extensive enough that the gate had to be removed and trucked to the shop in Maine for repair. Geraldo arranged for the removal and shipment to the shop on the next available truck. Since the gate is part of our deer fencing perimeter, he asked the shop to give it as fast as possible a turn around. It was reinstalled and back in place within 10 days before the deer figured out how to get into our garden to munch on all the new young plants! We credit Shirley and Geraldo for their rapid response and excellent service in getting the repair work done quickly and efficiently.
Donna B. - Bartley Industries
Norman, OK
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Thank you so much for the drawings and for getting these to us so quickly.  I was speechless when I saw the box.  It is perfect.  Thank you for having the intuitiveness to stop the grooves short from the end of the panel to prevent water collection.  Again, I am impressed with your company.  I am looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Walpole Outdoors! 
Mary Jane B.
Vienna, VA
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I placed an order for an Arch with Walpole Outdoors in Potomac a few months ago.  Due to the recent wind storms and weather events in our area, we have experienced extensive damage that was in need of repair.  I was not able to move forward with my installation of my Arch until repairs were made to my roof and property.  I reached out to Shirley D. and she was very accommodating in helping me.  She was kind enough to place my Arbor in storage at her showroom store until I was able to have it installed.  It has been a difficult few months with the storms and dealing with some personal matters.  Every time I was in touch with Shirley she was very supportive, always willing to lend a helping hand, thoughtful to my needs and made suggestions to bring resolution to my situation.  I cannot thank her enough for all her help!  Walpole products and services are wonderful and the staff is very professional and proficient!  I love my new Arch!  Shirley and the staff are very special people.  Customer service at it's finest.
Mr. & Mrs. B.
Rosedale, NY
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Thank you all so much for designing our classical deck project.  I know it took a lot of hard work and ability to produce such a wonderful finished product and we appreciate that very much.  It was important to us to find the right person to do the job and thank goodness Walpole and Gary were there for us!  Thank you all so much for your help!  We could not be happier!

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